I am the owner, a developer and a teacher at Mark 8 Technologies. I'm very passionate about technology and mentoring others. My goal is to show that passion through teaching these courses in hopes of helping you grow as a developer.

I have close to 10 years of development experience. I love tinkering with technologies of any kind and try to remain platform agnostic. I'm not a die-hard Mac, Linux or Windows guy, and use all of them on a semi-regular basis, though most of my experience has come on the Windows platform.

In terms of development, most of my experience has been with .NET, namely C#. I have done projects in Java, as well, and have some experience with C/C++. I have also worked with web technologies, such as Angular, HTML, CSS and a host of other JS libraries. REST & SOAP technologies like WCF and WebAPI, as well as in Node JS and Golang, round out most of my server-side/backend technology experiences. In terms of database management systems, I have worked with Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008) over the years. I have created a couple of iOS and Windows Phone apps, so I have a bit of experience with Objective-C and XAML/Silverlight, as well.

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