William Kaa

Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Coach.


Are you struggling to get that body you have always dreamed of?

Have you been doing ab crunches on ab crunches for weeks on end and you still cant see your abs?

Are you the typical fitness nut that is wondering why eating 6 small meals a day is taking so long to get that ripped lean physique?

Are you currently on a low carbohydrate eating plan and sick of having limited food choices, low energy, short temper and a beast like tendency to binge on carbohydrates on free days

Maybe you are just new to health and fitness and want to skip the painful steps of finding out what really works?

Maybe you are already fit, have plenty of experience eating healthy and want to be extremely lean with a solid set of abs?

Who ever you may be, let's stop going around in circles and try something different. Are you willing to step away from everything you know to try something different that actually works?

Hi my name is WILLIAM KAA and I have been into Health and Fitness for over a decade and it has taken me that long to figure out what actually works. I want to share with you all my knowledge so that you can replicate my results. This way you can save time and money by learning about what really works. Especially TIME, because time is the one thing we cant get back.

The BRUTAL HONEST TRUTH is that no amount of workouts, crunches or cardio will get you the body you want if your diet is not in line with your goal. I have followed way too many different eating and dieting principles over my years in pursuit of my goals. Some delivered results early but they either slowed or became unsustainable leading to a rebound in the opposite direction.


Its has taken me 1000's of hours training, experimenting different ways of eating to finally put together something thats real and works. It is a combination of things put together and I want to share it with you.

There are some principle ideas you will learn that will go against the very foundations your life has been built on. However if you put your trust in the systems we have put together you will get the results that have eluded you for so long. Our mission is to show you how to get the best out of them all. Not everyone has the perfect lifestyle where everything runs like a well oiled machine. We will help you to make the best choices to ensure your health and fitness goals are aligned with your lifestyle.

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