Tomislav Fedek

Ability to overcome complex challenges

My name is Tomislav, and i have bachelor of electrical and computer engineering-bsc applied.

My final work was from computer network field. I am very interested in that field, and I was enroll in some courses for ethical hacking, and networks in generals. Working alone since i degree (2014). I was working in retail company for 1 year as IT support.

I can troubleshoot wide range of network related problems. I have good knowledge of OS (linux and windows), working with them for few years. I am having also advanced knowledge of linux terminal command line. I am also advanced in Windows OS, including the newest, windows 10. I am also having good knowledge of installation, upgrades of network, and computer (in general) equipment.

I am using a wireshark to monitor trafic, and also some other things for that. I also have a good communication skills.

My goal is to learn students to that what I know, and Udemy is seems the best for that.

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