Tom j Dolan

Global Communications Trainer & Media Professional

Anxiety, embarrassment, fear, stage fright: it seems like whatever you call it, most people are affected by it.

For much of my early life I struggled with the fear of embarrassing myself in front of other people: High School, University, and always, social situations. Then through a curiosity of life, I found myself with the opportunity to work in media in Los Angeles. It was difficult at first because the old feelings of embarrassment came with me wherever I went.

But I challenged myself, and with trial-&-error, time & experience, I learned to manage my anxiety and work effectively in spite of it. I've worked professionally in Media, in both America & Japan: TV, Videos, Films, Event Host, VoiceOver, and I'm a long-time member of the American Entertainment union: SAG-AFTRA.

I do believe there is an anxiety, nervousness, or stage-fright that prevents most people from speaking or participating in public events. There are reasons, but I no longer accept the generic phrase "Fear of Speaking" as the reason.

To help other people overcome their anxiety or embarrassment, I developed the "Performance of Speaking" Workshops. This is a program where participants learn the practical & proven Skills needed to become a confident Speaker, Advocator, Educator, and best of all, a Participator in Group & Public events of all kinds.

This Course is based on my personal real-world learning experiences, earned over 25 years working in high-pressure Media in both Hollywood & Tokyo, combined with the practical experience of teaching College Extension courses, and Coaching private clients in the US & Japan.

We all know that confident Speaking is Key to attracting attention, generating opportunity, expanding personal & professional Networks, and demonstrating Leadership.

If you're ready to learn to Speak for yourself, to present your own Solutions, Opinions, and Ideas, then this course, modeled after my Workshops, is for you. It will help you accomplish your speaking & confidence goals in a practical, skillful, and enjoyable online Course.