Tomaz Saraiva

Once an aspiring psychologist, now a full-time coder.

From psychology to programming, these last ten years have been quite a ride.

Note: Know more about my journey at the end of this section. 

My Experience in the Tech World 

This is what I've done so far in the tech world:


  • Developed an augmented reality and a virtual reality prototype for industrial machinery maintenance;
  • Worked for two years in the development of an Augmented Reality Platform;
  • Developed and published my own native mobile apps for both Android and iOS;
  • Worked as a Unity Developer in multiple mobile games and apps;
  • Created a blog about Unity 3d development - Add Component.


  • Programming classes in the Bachelor degree in Multimedia Applications and Video games;
  • Virtual Environments class in the Bachelor degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication;
  • Unity 3d Programming Modules in Video Game Development courses;
  • Programming for Beginners and Android Development Modules in Digital Creation courses;
  • Programming Bootcamp for students with zero experience.



My journey from Psychology to Programming

I studied Psychology at the Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal. During my bachelor degree, I was part of a research team of the Psychology Department. This team focused on developing virtual environments to treat anxiety disorders.

My geeky passion for computers and video games became a big advantage at the time. I was quickly immersed in learning 3d modelling, texturing and programming.

Although the psychology was starting to fade away, I finished my MSc in Clinical Psychology. Only to proceed to the University of Salford to complete an MSc in Creative Games.

After coming back to Lisbon, I went back to the University to lecture statistics in the Psychology Department. But, I never stopped deepening my knowledge about virtual reality and game development.

Soon, I got my first job as a Unity Developer. And it was the starting point of my career as a Developer.

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