Coach Tom Staton

Professional Coach and Motivational Speaker

As one of Michigan’s most dynamic basketball coaches and motivational speakers, Tom Staton continues to inspire championship performance.  From the boardroom to the basketball court, as keynote speaker or coach, his message ofcommitment and peak performance energizes and motivates teams of all ages.

Coach Tom is a player-oriented,
Championship-driven, high school coach who has successfully coached teams of
all ages over the past 15 years.  Coach
Tom assisted more than 12 seniors into next level basketball programs over the
past 3 years, including his son Thomas, who stars for UMKC and Jody Hill, the
nation’s 2nd leading JUCo scorer this past season.

The former University of
Michigan Basketball Captain and Oakland County Basketball Legend commands a
wealth of knowledge in High Performance Team and Player Development.  During his twenty-five years in corporate
America, including the last ten as an organizational consultant, executive coach
and basketball coach, Tom has perfected the Core Tech High Performance Team and
Player Development Process. 

Tom has performed his Team
Building Services for the major utilities, Detroit’s Automotive Big Three, the
Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford Health Systems, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the
Government of Bermuda, and a myriad of regional businesses.  He has also reached more than 40,000 teens
and young adults with a message of personal vision and action.