Tolop Marbun

Digital Trainer, Selling Expert, Life and Business Coach

Teaching, selling, training dan coahing are my passion. Teaching has become my life because i am teacher and lecturer. I teach selling dan marketing every day through online class. Selling has become my expert. In fact, I have started selling since i was in Junior School. Selling has become my master peace. 

I've been starting as online marketer since 2008. I began as affiliate marketer I  sell wordpress template, Hosting And Travel. Because of that, i learn a lot about internet marketing, blogging and SEO Development. 

Since people asked me a lot how to sell online. i started training them internet marketing. I started it in small group. The number grows every day, by november 2016 my student about 9000 from 110 countries. I train them about selling, copywriting, digital marketing, story telling, and covert persuasive sometimes in small groups or big groups, seminar, workshop and webinar.

Since i've been training a lot my students, they began to ask me about business dan shared their problem. To empower my self, i have taken few certification: Life Coach Certification, NLP Certification, Public Speaking Certification, Email Marketing, and content marketing.

My Goal is to help people as many as possible. I am glad because Udemy gives me opportunity to achieve my goal.  

I hope to see you in my class...

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