Dr Richard Berrns

SEO Consultant

My name is Richard Berrns and I am one of the biggest SEOs in New Zealand. I own and operate an SEO Consultancy agency.

I was always interested in SEO because I was always big into Googling. I had a few stints with Google Adwords but then saw that various keywords started to become really expensive. In New Zealand and Australia this wasn’t the case, but I was and do actually perform the majority of my SEO in the United States.

I was a bit lucky with my timing because I was learning how to rank websites before people really understood the process of how to successfully rank a website. Now, things are a bit more complex but the core principles remain the same: find niches that others are not in or where competition is low, rank keywords, and monetize the site. Sure, the tools that we use are different than before, but I kind of like that because it causes a lot of confusion amongst individuals who don’t have that fundamental understanding of the business.

On the other hand, I've been in business for over 15 years and have successfully navigated the ever-changing waters of SEO throughout that time. I'm excited to teach you all the tips and tricks I know!