Todd Wieland

Rapid Learning & Micropublishing Developer

Todd Wieland operates Canis Learning Systems in Tampa, FL where he creates learning products and systems that help people leverage knowledge and technology to create great careers and businesses.

His projects focus on topics as diverse as marketing, analytics, manufacturing math, game and app development, filmmaking and media, automation and transportation technology.

The theme that ties all of Canis Learning Systems' and Todd's projects together is opportunity: We live in an age of unbounded possiblity, empowered and ennobled by the acquisition and application of knowledge.

The promise of the future for generations to come is built on specialization. Helping others gain and apply specialized knowledge, sharing specialized applications and leveraging unique niches is an economic and social trend with almost unlimited potential.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and small business operators (he started working in his dad's neighborhood store at age 11), he has an eclectic background in education, technology, media and even runs a snow cone machine on the weekends.