Toddre' DaLaura Monier

Stylist for Love

Toddré Monier is the Owner and Chief STYLIST 4 Love.She comes to the table with 7.5 years experience as a Head Buyer and successful Boutique Owner.Toddré Monier has worked for 12 years as a personal Stylist. Ms. Monier is blessed to have improved the lives of many women and men through her styling expertise.She has worked as a Consultant for various retail businesses in the areas of buying, women's footwear, gifts, women's apparel, vendor management and human resources.

Toddre' Monier is particularly perfect for love styling because she is a self-described “hope-full romantic”.Ms. Monier cultivated a beautiful marriage of 10 years and during her single moments has never had any challenges attracting lovers, companions, suitors, boyfriends or potential husbands.Her friends boast that, “Toddré always has a date”. Ms. Monier has read several books on love, self-healing and attracting soul mates and she continues to discover more.

Toddré Monier recognizes that love is the driving force of all human action and interaction.She knows that 80% of the information human beings receive is based on our visual perceptions.Ms. Monier realizes that genuine beauty, sexiness and appeal are not something one can manufacture.These are qualities that are cultivated from the inside out.Her unique approach to styling bears all of this in mind.

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