Todd Gross

Professional Broadcaster, Meteorologist & Marketer

Todd Gross is a professional meteorologist, and Internet Marketer. Todd has been "on camera" for most of his life on Television (such as WHDH-TV, Boston, and most recently CNBC), and since 2006 on the Internet where he has helped to pioneer the use of Green Screen for his "stand up videos", and "squeezevideos".

Todd has always been interested in science, and being on television since he began tracking snowstorms in grade-school. He has traced his interest all the way back to at least age 5. A New York City native, it was no surprise when Todd enrolled in the "Bronx High School of Science', and subsequently got his degree in Atmospheric Sciences from SUNY Albany.

Todd graduated and co-founded the higly successful Compu-Weather Service in 1978, followed by his extensive career as a broadcast meteorologist which started in Rochester, NY on WROC-TV, which he continues as chief meteorologist at Channel 13 in Albany, N.Y.

Todd is known best for his years as a Boston meteorologist, Gross started at WHDH TV in 1984 as a weekend meteorologist and science reporter. In that same year, he broadened and formalized the use of weather-spotters on the air, a project he had actually started back in college. In 1988, Gross was promoted to meteorologist for WNEV-TV's morning and weekday noon newscasts. He also appeared on the children's show Ready to Go. In 1994, Gross brought weather to the Internet hrough webpages, such as, Internet Chat, and more extensive Weather-Watcher networks. He also was well known for bringing his other passion, astronomy, into the weather-broadcasts, which delighted viewers.

In August 2002, Gross was promoted to chief meteorologist at WHDH, a role that he filled until Decembe 2005.

Gross was known in the Boston-area for his on-air use of actual scientific forecasting graphics, including "isobars". He also used and worked into his weathercasts astronomic terminology, and reports, such as the term "Indian Moon."

Todd currently is back in Massachusetts, and after a stint in Salt Lake City, Todd is doing voice overs, and video on the web. He also works as an occasional on-air consultant for CNBC during Hurricane Season.

Todd also has a strong presence in "Internet Marketing", and has brought his television expertise to the use of video for advertising on the web. With his extensive use of Green Screen (Chromakey) on Television, he felt he would take on the role of being a strong teacher, on how to train others to use Green Screen in their own video work for their websites.

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