Todd Freeman

Business strategist, entrepreneur and digital marketing coach

I had my first contact with a computer at the age of 11. It's been 16 years since then and hopefully many more to come, I can't imagine living without them. I started my first online business at 13. It's been a total failure but in a positive way as I learned a lot from it. Years passed and I continued my struggle, learning and applying everything I could, day in and day out focused on my end goal.

At 21 when I first sold my successful business everyone around me thought that I'm an overnight success. Few understood what I've been through. That didn't bothered me as what mattered to me was the fact that I reached half of my goal that I've always dreamed about. Since then I got access to a lot of private elite internet marketing groups, private coaching programs worth $ and learned from renowned seven figure marketers on a daily basis hidden strategies, tips and the mindset needed to reach their level of success and far beyond.

Nowadays while travelling I am involved in multiple ventures and I have my own internet marketing and coaching program where I inspire and teach others everything that I learned along the years. As of now I have 37 private students and there's nothing more fullfilling for me than seeing them come to me one by one and saying "Todd, I've made it! I no longer have to worry about what tomorrow brings, you changed my life and I will be forever grateful for your presence in my life!".

My end goal is to inspire, teach the mindset and deliver as much value as possible to my students so that they can unlock their dream life.

You can do and be whatever you dream of, there's no "too big" dream. Most companies that you're using each day started from just a thought, an idea. The most common roadblock is that people don't know where to start and don't have the right information.

Since I've changed a lot of lives already it means I can probably change yours quite a bit as well. You are not getting just a coach but also a friend for life. I breathe what I am doing and I am sure that you will get a lot of value from me.

Let's do this together!

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