Tobias Vermeer

Easy Excel for Everyone

My name is Tobias Vermeer, but you all can call me Toby, and I am an International Business Adminsitration student from The Netherlands.

My experience in Excel is quite extensive. I have been able to obtain my Microsoft Office Specialist certificate in Excel, which is an official certificate by Microsoft handed out after taking part in an exam to show your expertise within a certain part of Microsoft Office. For me this was Excel. Furthermore, I have developed (financial) tools and databases in excel for a Dutch pharmaceutical company with both the use of pure Excel functions and formulas and Visual Basic (VBA). These tools ranged from simple financial statements to project analysis, revenue tracking and more. Also, I have done statistical & economical analysis using Excel as part of the excellency program at my university and have done risk and investment analysis within Excel as well. The statistical & economical analysis involved using Excel for simulating demand and supply curves within the global coffee market to prove and visualize certain economical occurrences. The risk analysis involved creating a large market simulation in Excel to accurately define the risk rate of an investment project for a company. Alongside that I have adopted Excel as a hobby and try to constantly find new ways to improve my skills and create new, useful tools and programs. As such I have already been able to create a wide range of useful tools, like personal budgeting tools, planning tools, economical simulations and more. I am constantly trying to learn and improve.

My goal here is to teach everyone who wishes to know more about Microsoft Excel in an easy and understandable way, so that everyone can enjoy the power of Excel!

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