Life Coach mentor/transitioning Tina Baker

Certified Professional Coach, Transitioning Coach Mentor

Tina Baker

Tina, founder of both Tina Baker Coaching and Royal Transitioning,
helps her clients awaken to what it is they want to do once they leave
their corporate job.

Prior to this, Tina was an award-winning corporate sales rep for 25
years. After graduating from the Coaching Program at Erickson College,
she discovered she had a unique gift to use her coaching and sales
skills to create programs and strategies for people who are ready to
examine how they can take the values they have and prioritize goals to

Tina believes that the experiences she went through with her
transition from corporate to business owner will provide the perspective
and unique tools to help others create the strategies and, most
importantly, the mindset needed to have a successful and meaningful

Tina gives her clients and audiences a peek into their destiny
without fear and negativity. She empowers them to create a thriving
second act, encore career and work on their own terms. Tina has honed in
on strategies her clients need to live and work in a way that brings
them joy, freedom and purpose.

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