Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketing Professional

As a Freelance Inbound Marketing Individual I have a great understanding of all that goes into running your own business from home.  I understand the fears, frustrations and the uncertainty that come to those who are starting out in a new venture that could change their lives.
Having certifications with both Hubspot and Google give me a unique understanding of how small business owners can use the Inbound Marketing Method to increase their reach within their local community.
Over the past few years I have been working with agencies, ministries and small business owners to implement their marketing plans on the Hubspot platform.  Now I want to take that understanding and share this knowledge with individuals so they can market themselves.
I know that knowledge is a key component of success in any business.  I am want to share my knowledge with others, who do not have the weeks and years of time to do the studying that I have done to receive my certifications.  I know that with this knowledge I would save them time, frustration, and heart ache.  It is my goal to educate others on the different options that are available to them on how to market themselves properly from the beginning.

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