Tim Schmoyer

YouTube Certified, Audience Growth

I’ve been active in developing audiences online since my first blog in 2005. I registered a domain out of boredom one night and, within a few years it became the most popular and authoritative blogs in it's niche. I supported my family full-time from the opportunities the blog’s audience provided, including several published books, national speaking gigs, consulting, and more.

During that time I used YouTube to publish videos with the girl who I would later marry. At the time we were just having a good time. Now those videos are known as “vlogs.”

Since we started on YouTube together on March 2, 2006, my wife and I have created and published almost 2,000 YouTube videos, amassed several million views, thousands of subscribers, and won YouTube video contests. I’ve worked with some of the country’s top brands on YouTube and, in 2013, YouTube themselves invited me to become officially YouTube Certified in “Audience Growth.”

In 2013 I also launched a new business on YouTube and that channel has become an authoritative voice in the world of audience growth on YouTube. Seeing the unmatched potential of video to reach and influence people, I decided to move away from my blog and instead focus full-time on my new business of helping YouTube creators effectively spread their message to reach people online.

It’s been so rewarding to hear how the training and resources I’ve developed have helped so many creators do just that, not to mention seeing the channel's community grow from 0 to more than 10,000 subscribers in only 12 months. Now it’s growing at an even faster rate than ever before!