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Be...loved Choreographers, What is it you want?

Entrepreneur, trade-in working alone, for You Being Strategic. Together, We Triangulate the other 90% of Self-Awareness. A 100% business growth system nurturing you to the next level of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect. Working Less & Loving More. Experience BeLoved Choreography for Yourself Today!

"Be..." loved, the cure for working alone.

"Be..." loved, because you're enough.

"Be..." loved, it's peace-of-mind (zen).

"Be..." loved, there's no defense.

What is it you want?

We Choreograph it with you.

Then you...

"Be..." loved.

What others have said of Triangulation & Choreography...

“Triangulation with Andrine and Timothy is a loving and powerful experience. Timothy’s approach is kind and gentle, but also passionate and intense at the same time. He sees and cares about you. He is also looking at obstacles that hold you back. Andrine bring’s her wisdom and feminine aspect into this triangulation in a more discrete way. Her feminine presence profoundly grounds and roots something highly needed in this masculine world. This unique brainstorming fluidly sets free new ideas, helping you see things in entirely new ways. In a way that one or two people cannot manage alone. You’ll feel uplifted and inspired afterwards. I highly recommend it!” Henning G.

"You're both great listeners, encouraging me to share whatever is on my mind. You offer solid suggestions and advice on avenues to pursue to find further information and resources.  Having overcome so much yourself, I would say you have a lot to offer anyone at a low point in their life and looking for help to see the light. What you have learned in your own relationship and parenting are a huge asset to those of us facing similar challenges.  You are key guides from the side to anyone looking to overcome something and build a solid foundation for their own self-healing."  Jami D.

"To me, the most significant and powerful thing is that you are willing to have conversations with other humans, about what is of importance to them. In one sense, being in conversation, or dialogue, is the most mundane and natural thing for us humans to do. But in another sense, the sense of doing something that in important ways differ from the efficient, economic, instrumental, one-way monologues that contemporary society is filled up with, sincere dialogue is maybe the most radical action one can take. Any dialogue is as old as life itself, and at the same time brand new. What you offer is a service where people can reach you from around the globe and invite you to be their partners in dialogue.  You both have plenty of experience in surviving and overcoming hardship in many areas. Living with physical illness, loss, longing and belonging, managing life hampered by geographical distance between the two of you, between yourselves and your families of origin, and between parent and child. You know about sheltering dreams from life’s storms, both personally and as a family. In general, I think the two of you together have much experience in doing life outside of boxes, both as individuals and as entrepreneurs. Being in conversations with you, through your services, offers inspiration to those creating or defending a living space for unorthodoxy, be that in their private lives or in business."  Bard B.

“A 3-way heart to heart communication; this is what I call the Triangulation Process with Andrine and Tim. A true balance of sharing and listening. Knowing, that you share with people who truly care for you. Combining the feminine with the masculine, managing to balance the conversation as only nature can do. You are leading the conversation, setting the important topics for the chats. Let me share with you one realisation that came from the first call: I am an experienced and successful Networker, Coach and Mentor. Tim asking me: ‘What is it YOU are doing differently?’ sparked a process in me. Waking up in the middle of the night I knew the answer: I am working the NET. This realisation has changed the way of how I teach, coach and mentor outright. Tim and Andrine possess the unique ability to ask the ideal questions that will lead you to the ideal answers. Having 3 calls in this Triangulation Process makes it an amazing experience, since reflection takes place in between the calls and a natural process of development sets in. It is great that Andrine and Tim on the one hand master the skill of listening attentively, on the other hand contribute through sharing their life experiences and common sense. They provided me with the room to share and to get my thoughts out. They are ideal Sparring Partners. They are challenging and comforting at the right time and place. Thank you!” Markus N.

"If you are reading this as a perspective client, just hire them! You'll never regret it, and I suspect that beyond the project, you will find that they have made other, quite delightful contributions to your life." Mary A.

"It's been a pleasure to have you work with me, and to see how you have transformed an old dream into a new reality for me." Ham K.

"Wonderful experience of brainstorming and honest communication from beginning to end. The results were completely satisfying to both of us and, in some ways, surprising as well, in a very positive way. I can confidently recommend Andrine & Timothy to choreograph your project." Suzanne R.

"We found Andrine and Timothy to be extremely easy to communicate with. Prompt and professional in the way they lead the project. We wholeheartedly recommend them for any project you may have, I am sure we will use them again." David and Sharon W.

"You honor people with your listening which in turn provides a space for opportunities to present themselves for all concerned. I now understand your use of the word Choreography." Susan B.

"'Andrine and Timothy's choreography is of high caliber, a brilliant contribution to a wide variety of projects. You will find them to be surprisingly conscientious also." Peter D.

"Tim and Andrine are easy and enjoyable to work with and I am planning to use them for any future projects. When a problem arose, I was most impressed by the way a potential weakness was immediately choreographed into a previously unknown strength." Ursula B.

"The 'Be...' loved System came to my attention via a flyer I found hanging on my front door. It was clever and creative and when it came time to start our project I thought to give them a call. They were very fair in working out a price that made sense to both of us and promptly began work. Knowledgeable, efficient, courteous and thorough. I would not hesitate to call them again for another project." Hollis P.

Triangulating a one-of-a-kind choreography with you becomes your Business Growth System.

A Big Business Was Just A Small Business That Did The Right Things...

A Wealthy Business Owner Was An Opportunity Seeker Who Became An Entrepreneur...

Service Description

We guide, advise, and nurture individuals, couples and organizations to explore "True Purpose."  Cultivating your one-of-a-kind seed of WHY?  Such that the Who, What, When, Where and especially How sprouts and nurtures your individual and business growth almost effortlessly.   So You Can Work less & Love More.

Experience for yourself how less, can result in you nurturing more of what it is you most want in your life.

Entrepreneur, trade-in working alone, for You Being Strategic. Together, We Triangulate the other 90% of Self-Awareness. A 100% business growth system nurturing you to the next level of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect. Working Less & Loving More.

"Be..." loved the cure for working alone. "Be..." loved because you're enough.

"Be..." loved it's peace-of-mind (zen). "Be..." loved there is no defense.

Because real-love develops trust and gets you the right attention.

"Be All That You Can Be, 'Be...' loved."

What is it you want?

If You Don't know? Then no worries, because together we can Triangulate clarity with you. The Unknowable is our specialty!

Let us know you would like to apply to apply asap while we still have availability!

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