Timon Salar Gutleb

Philosophy and Physics Student at the University of Vienna

I am a student of Philosophy and Physics, my focus of studying is in Philosophy of Science, Epistemology and Formal Logic and Theoretical Physics respectively.

As an aspiring scientist and philosopher, the art of keeping one's thoughts straight to the point and logically valid is essential and crucial and I have been studying it for many years, having completed a number of courses in both formal and informal logic.

I've spent a volunteer year taking care of children and teenagers after school, where it was among my responsibilities to help them with their studies and explain what had not been properly explained to them. During this experience, I have found a joy in sharing what I have learned with others and with the power of the internet at our fingertips, I can think of nothing more fulfilling than sharing my passion for philosophy and reasoning with other interested people all across the world.

Humans thrive by communicating - let my knowledge and experience in the subject guide you around common traps.

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