Tim Magee

Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Development

Welcome to 'How To Design & Fund International Development NGO Projects.' It's nice to meet you properly!

I am the Executive Director for the Center for Sustainable Development. We have an office in Southern California—but we also have a field office in Guatemala City. This has given me the opportunity of working on a project by project basis in Guatemala over the past ten years. This has let me see humanitarian development up close, and to work with over 100 different nonprofit and donor organizations. My work created intense curiosity on my part in better understanding “What works in development?” This led to the formation of the Center for Sustainable Development.

Through being a teacher with our distance learning program at the Center over the past four years, I've had the honor of working with field partners from 154 different countries and 500 organizations who have developed projects that impact over 400,000 people. What immediately struck me while working with this diversity of culture and nation, was that each course partner was working on a project that shared very similar universal themes with the other field partners.

I have been lucky enough to learn an incredible amount from each course partner; they've each shared with me a clear idea of how to solve the challenges in their project. These partners are of a wide range of age and profession: donor, executive director, business owner with a conscience, entrepreneur, student, scientist, consultant, field staff, and people who would like to transition into a career in development work.

I conducted research into best practice solutions to the persistent, recurring challenges that I was observing in partner projects. I developed a program of activities to address each challenge and have organized them into a group of 60 programs for you to select from—and to integrate into your project during this course.

Training Workshops. I have led training workshops in North America and Latin America. Topics have included, grant writing, non-profit management, project design and development, and project management.

Distance Learning. I have conducted research for and written two dozen development courses and training programs that have been delivered through our distance learning program at the Center.

Nonprofit and NGO Consultant. I have been a consultant to development and nonprofit organizations on projects as diverse as report writing, impact analysis, donor development, troubleshooting management and project challenges—and how to design, fund and launch a project.

Writing. I am the author of two books, I write program and funding plans, grant proposals, training materials, materials for non-profit promotion, content for client email newsletters and blogs, and I provide an editing service for clients. I've maintained a development blog for five years who's website receives over 20,000 unique visitors per month: 22,000 people subscribe to my email newsletter.

Two years ago I was asked by Routledge, to write a  Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation to climate change. Each chapter of the book is organized as a practical field assignment that readers can use to begin developing a project of their own.

To see how I will connect with you in this course watch the short video in Lecture One.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Tim Magee

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