Tim Brill

Owner of Brill Branding Creative Agency

Tim Brill is an award-winning web designer with over 20 years of design experience in fields ranging from graphic design, web design, fashion design, promotional design, editorial design, packaging design, silkscreening, photography, prepress and even motion graphics. He currently runs his own creative agency, Brill Branding.

Since its inception a little over 4 years ago, Brill Branding has amassed over 100 satisfied clients and continues to grow steadily. Tim is recognized as one of the top designers in the Lower Cape Fear region and is regularly called upon by outside agencies to assist in their projects.

Brill Branding is located in sunny Wilmington, North Carolina. They are a dynamic design company specializing in creating strong, focused branding for businesses of all sizes. They love working with companies that want high-quality, cutting-edge web and branding identities with a strong marketing campaign component – from the overall look and feel or your site, to the style guides that will be used to convey that message across all mediums including web, print, identity and advertising.

Tim has lived in Wilmington, NC for the last 7 years. He's been with his wife, Yulia (a Russian Princess who is probably the best publication designer on the planet) for the past 15 years and has a beautiful, spunky 6-year-old daughter Neeka. They are the loves of his life.

Tim has made millions for others and now he wants to share what he has learned with YOU!

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