Tim Vasquez

Video Marketing SEO Agent Provocateur and Fun Guy

Hello, I'm Tim. I'm a digital marketing expert located in Dallas Tx. ( this is beginning to sound like an ad for a singles site..lol ) 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help out with charities, give tips for business, inspire and motivate people to help with their business. I host a weekly podcast called The Launch with Tim Vasquez ( found on Itunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, Stitcher, ) and can be heard live every Friday at 10am Central on  the Real News Communication Network 

If you Google best business podcast in Texas, I am number one along with best business podcast in Dallas. Millions of search results.

My show is about having guests, giving tips, rant, rave, latest news, secret hacks all directed at helping you out with your business. It's entertaing while still maintaining the point of helping you out.

I'm here to help impart some tips/hacks/secrets that are not normally shared to help you establish a better presence online. 

I hope that you will enjoy what I teach here! 

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