Tim Savage

Comedian, Writer, and Social Skills Teacher

I explain a lot of my backstory in the course description (getting into a lot more detail about why social skills are a passion of mine), but here are a few of the more technical details of my history. I've been a writer and comedian most of my adult life, which has put me in some incredibly high-stress social situations that I've had the "pleasure" of learning how to navigate - try pitching a show idea to a room full of television executives while a producer interrupts you to ask why you think you're worth paying attention to or getting up on stage in front of thousands of people while jerks in the front row scream "YOU SUCK" at the tops of their lungs.

I also spent four years as an instructor for Apple, teaching individuals and groups how to use Apple software and hardware. My store was one of a handful in the world that had a theater for large presentations, and I was known as one of the most engaging, dynamic, and informative teachers in our organization. At Apple, I had the experience of teaching thousands of people in all walks of life, from large classes on video editing to guiding Tom Hanks through digital file management to teaching a woman with cerebral palsy how to use her nose to add a contact to her iPhone.

About a half dozen years ago, I began to use some of my popularity online to take a more active role with helping others build their social skills. This included a video series I created on YouTube called "Overcoming Shyness," which I am happy to say still gets me plenty of emails from people stating how much it's helped them.

And if you're looking for some of those real, old-school style credentials, I also hold a bachelor's degree in interpersonal communications from Florida Gulf Coast University.

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