Tia Alexander

Author, Blogger, Transformational Speaker...

Tia Alexander is an author, personal transformation coach, and digital publishing consultant. In 2006, Tia launched the Personal Transformation Program where she actively coaches entrepreneurs, college students, and writers to help her clients develop customized step-by-step plans to achieve success and satisfaction in their lives and careers.

Tia's door is always open to anyone who wants help with goal setting, developing an action plan for success, and especially building confidence to go after the lifestyle they truly desire.

Some people call Tia a success coach, but she prefers the term "transformational coach" as she believes that one must first transform to become a successful person within before they can experience success on the outside.

As a private publishing consultant since 2010, Tia Alexander has partnered with many authors to help them develop marketing & branding strategies, improve their media & interview techniques, and realize their goals of publishing success.

Currently, Tia is expanding her publishing consulting services with the launch of the Kindle-Preneur Academy, an online publishing course for Kindle authors who want to increase their ebook sales and create a powerful author brand.

Tia Alexander is 100% dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurs to be successful because everyone deserves to have a beautiful life!

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