Thora Rain

MA Hons; Dip.Clin.Hyp.MasterNLP.Coach.AdvEFT

Thora Rain is an experienced Health and Wellbeing Practitioner. In the last six years she has helped hundreds of people learn to deal with stress effectively and manage their health well.

Thora believes that feelings are information and we often don’t know how to respond to them constructively or even interpret what they mean. The word ‘feelings’ encompasses both emotional and physical sensations. When we don’t tend to our feelings, the situation can escalate with detrimental impact  on our health and wellbeing.

Over a decade ago Thora found herself in exactly this situation and developed the First Aid Kit for Feelings because she needed a practical and easy-to-use resource. Her First Aid Kit for Feelings was instrumental in turning her situation around and evolved with Thora to help her respond better to her feelings at every stage of her journey.

Thora first started working as a practitioner over six years ago. The First Aid Kit for Feelings proved so helpful that three years ago, following many requests, Thora launched a workshop to share this powerful tool with more people.  Thora and her team are delighted to finally be able to make this course available to you regardless of where you live or what your circumstances are.  Thora firmly believes that having First Aid Kit for Feelings, and the understanding and skill that comes with that, is a fundamental skill for our health and wellbeing and therefore needs to be available to all.

Thora is the Founder and Director of The Helpful Clinic.  In addition to her MA Hons in Inter-Cultural Communication with an emphasis on Cross-Cultural Psychology, Thora is a Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and an Advanced EFT Practitioner.

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