Thomas O'Brien

Entrepreneur, Philosopher

I've spent the past 3 years doing startups, consulting over 30 of them, and submersing myself in technology trends and our future.

During my time as CEO and consultant, I've focused on these two areas:

Strategic Vision - With almost every startup I work with, we start off by going over our vision of the future and how we can align the startup's goals with the growth of all areas of technology. Usually pretty quickly, we find ways to blow up our picture of what's possible now and in the coming years.

Marketing - I'm obsessed with spreading ideas that I love. With our growing power to connect, I love finding new ways to build relationships with people from around the world. Because of the huge amount of change happening, I deeply believe that every marketer must have a clear vision of the growth of technology. If we get too caught up in focusing only on marketing or social media trends, we risk missing the bigger picture; this is a central focus for me.

Connect with me on social media:

Twitter: @thomasbeta

Instagram: @tbobrien

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