Thomas Duvernay, PhD

Educator and Historian

Thomas Duvernay has been teaching in colleges and universities since 1986. He first taught industrial automation and electronics at Lansing Community College in the mid-1980s, and then moved with his wife and son in 1989 to Korea--his wife's home country--to teach at a university, and has been there ever since. He has a master's and a doctorate in Korean studies, and has been teaching Korean history in universities since 2006.

He has been a practitioner of Korean traditional archery since 1993, and is the foremost non-Korean authority on the subject. He has written a book on it, along with having produced two related videos; all of them have sold thousands of copies world-wide over the years.

Thomas has a special love for Korea and for its history. Due to research he did on the 1871 US-Korea military action, he campaigned to have a historic flag, which was captured by the US Navy in 1871, returned to Korea. In 2007, after twelve years, his campaign paid off with the flag being returned to Korea on a long-term loan, which will, someday, hopefully, become permanent. He continues his research into the 1871 action to the present day.

Another off-shoot from his historical research is colorization of old photographs. He started colorizing them as a way to find hidden details in photos for his research. That led to his serious study of the subject. Although he has done all types of B&W photo colorizing, Thomas especially enjoys working on photographs from the American Civil War.

As one might expect of a life-long educator, Thomas enjoys teaching students. To him, his students are his energy.

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