Thiemo Steens

How to effortlessly manipulate others

Hi Tiger!

After following training by some of the world leaders in the field of selling and influence I can say that I know what I'm talking about.

Did the straightline course from Jordan Belfort (sold billions of dollars), followed some training by the number marketer in the world JAY ABRAHAM (sold over 10 billion dollar), and followed over 5 courses by the number one hypnotist in this world Igor Ledochowski.(This guy will make you love your worst enemy withing 10 seconds)

After dropping out of high school I started to invest in the education that really matter, and that is the art of selling and influence.

Selling is and will be the most valuable skill you can ever learn in your life. Selling is everything. When you persuading your kids to clean up their room, you're selling.

Be SHOCKED how you've sold and manipulated your whole life..

Did you knew this little crazy fact?

When u can explain someone's problem better then he of herself, they unconscious think you have the answer to because they think you are further in the process of the problem?

Think about it, when you do this with a little bit of confidence you are a authority instantly!

Thiemo Steens is a online entrepreneur for over 10 years. He has seen the ups, the downs the go's and the no's. From being able to connect the ends together to highly successful product launches.

Just by understanding 1 thing, and that is how to effectively push the emotional hot buttons by the target audience.

When you can find these buttons you can literally sell garbage to garbage men's, you can sell an ice-cream on the north pole.

Enjoy this work, you'll be amazed and shocked by the way you've been manipiulated your whole life:)