Dr. Theresa Styles graduated from Capella University with a Ph.D. in Professional Studies in Education a Post Master’s Certificate in College Teaching; a Master of Business Administration with a Human Resource Management concentration from Keller Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Business Operations from DeVry University. 

Dr. Theresa Styles is a global human resources and organizational consultant. She specializes in all aspects of talent and change management within organizations. Throughout her 25 years of service and community volunteering she continues to provide individuals within training and educational programs strategies and techniques needed for business and self-development.

As a devoted spiritualist for over thirty years and a follower of the Universal Hagar’s School of Mediumship and Psychology she believes through self-actualization, creativity, and a balance of mind, body, and spiritual awareness individuals can use their inner guidance to define their purpose, set goals, and reach their fullest potential- professionally, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

“When you are the change agent you want and need to be for yourself -you can conquer the world, however, the process needs to start from within.”

Dry Styles is the mother of two daughters and over the past thirteen years she has spent considerable time researching information pertinent to her growth as a spiritualist, learner, entrepreneur, and most importantly as a mother. As a result of her journey she found it imperative to disseminate her experiences and resources with women who may also be in transition within their current passage. She is the author of Don’t Carry My Blues, Love on the Mulberry Grove, and The Creole and The Caterpillar based on her Louisiana French Creole heritage. 

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