Charlotte Louise

Passionate juicer at The Juice Kitchen

We at The Juice Kitchen are a small team with a big passion for juice and using all the goodness nature provides to help us live happier, healthier lives. We hope every person who visits our site, reads one of books or does one of courses will be inspired to change their diet for the better.

I became involved with The Juice Kitchen after juicing helped me get my health back on track. Through juicing I lost weight, cleared my skin, found more energy and now I enjoy life so much more.

I started spreading the word about juicing by talking to friends and getting them to try some of my favourite juices and was surprised by some of the response I received. Everyone loved the taste of the juice but some were sceptical, wondering is this really healthy? What about the extra sugar or the protein you're omitting? Some stated they simply didn't have time for juicing, others worried they would never get their family on board.

And that's when I started with The Juice Kitchen. Through our courses we hope to challenge all of these ideas; showing you how easy it is to juice, how healthy and nutritious, and how simple it is to get kids on board.

So dive in and improve your health today.

Juice to nourish, juice to heal, or simply juice because it's delicious.