Thai Loe

Screenwriter, Producer, and Director

My sensei in Bujinkan said that a great teacher is one who can take a skill that requires 20 years to learn and teach it in 5 years.  Inspired by that concept, I create courses that I believe will shorten the time it takes to become a great, professional, and earning-a-living writer and movie maker.

I am a professional independent screenwriter, producer, director, and entrepreneur.  I produced several short films and my first feature film is in development this year (IMDb).  I am in my thesis year of earning an MFA in Professional Screenwriting from National University. 

I am a lifelong learner and love movies.  I studied screenwriting and filmmaking for over 20 years.  In fact, for longer than I worked in my first profession, Information Technology and Software Development.  

In the process, I:

     * Wrote, directed, produced, and acted in several short films.

     * Spent years writing feature screenplays -- and a few good ones.  Three in development.

     * Read hundreds of books on writing and making movies.

     * Attended seminars from gurus such as Robert McKee, John Truby, and David Freeman.

     * Currently in the thesis stage of my Master of Fine Arts in Professional Screenwriting.

     * Earned a bachelor degree in marketing, which I apply into screenwriting theory.

     * Earned a certificate in gamification, which I apply to creating engagement in story.   

     * Combined my expertise in IT, marketing, and gamification into story design. 

     * Learned to teach through experiential methods from a master of the form, Clinton Swaine.

     * Earned a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification while working in IT on multi-million and multi-billion dollar projects in the corporate world.   

I am a master curator of information.  Like many, I took the long path to becoming a professional screenwriter.  It started as a dream, then moved to a hobby, and now it is pivoting into a career.

And if I can pivot, then so can you!


Now that screenwriting and movie making is my career, my hobby is to teach others how to pivot into the field as well.  

My expertise is in analyzing large amounts of data (such as volumes of classes and books on screenwriting) and converting it into easy-to-learn systems.

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