Terry Lee

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Blogger, Owner of QueenGeek, LLC

I, Teresa "QueenGeek" Lee, have been working as a technologist for 20+ years. My experience has ranged from being a software developer to a database programmer to a Windows System Administrator. Although I have worked as an employee and as an entrepreneur using both Windows and Mac computers, I enjoy using my Mac to create "how-to" video tutorials most of all!

The majority of my career has been spent designing, troubleshooting and analyzing systems (computers) for small businesses. My career path has afforded me the opportunity to experience technology not only as the creator or designer but as a consumer. So, when I decided to start I Help Beginner Bloggers blog, I thought I was ready to create something different than anyone else. Well, I made a lot of mistakes and while I have not maintained the blog, there's plenty of good information and I'm currently in the process of re-vamping some of the material.

My next adventure involved creating "blog sites" for small business owners and that turned out to be very challenging. I helped Attorney Tanya M. Lee setup About US Visas as well as a subscription-based training site, namely Practice Immigration Law, using WordPress as the foundation. I also found that creating blogs for non-profits organizations such as Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center Church could benefit from using WordPress, mailing lists and other social media items that might only seem useful in the commercial world.

While teaching (and learning) technology with other entrepreneurs such as Attorney Tanya M. Lee and churches, I have gathered many notes and valuable lessons that I plan to provide in e-courses such that anyone can benefit from them.

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