Teri Dluznieski M.Ed.

Holistic coach, herbalist and healer, horse trainer, author

I am a holistic coach, trained in the spiritual teachings from the High Andes. I am also an herbalist and bodyworker- so i have a deep understanding of the many levels and layers within the body that contribute to health, happiness and success. That combines with my masters degree in education- which showed me how to take complex information and make it coherent and meaningful for others.

I am a published author, coach and horse trainer, specialising with at-risk/non-tradtional learners, and chronic conditions.

I am available for coaching and consultations via phone or internet-video.

I wear many hats that all come together under a holistic paradigm. From my own journey through chronic lyme disease, i have acquired a lot of skills and knowledge that I use both with my own life, and with clients and students. a paradigm shift- where integrity and awareness create balance in life. It is all about "building relationship," with yourself, your health, and your own gifts and talents. From there, it is possible to build better relationships, with family, friends, romance and professional colleagues.

I have learned that, in today's information age- it is imperative to be able to assess information. Whether information comes from ourselves, beliefs and dreams, other people around us, or media and internet-- three key questions are the key to empowering your life. is this authentic? is this for/from my highest self? How do i USE this information to affect change? -- the difference is.. learning how to access your intuition and creativity, changes how we answer these questions and the directions the information leads.

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