Teodora Sanda Chetan

Work and Life Balance Enthusiast

My experience comes from a life lived as an anxious introvert lacking the courage to be brave enough to stand for my own dreams and wishes. Life tough had the gift of challenging me, so I've decided some time back to choose a path out of anxiety and depression by living a healthier and a more balanced life. 

There were many experiences that have shaken my world (from going through panic attacks to loosing dearest people in my life) and made me read a lot, apply and discover the things that put me out of the negative states I used to get in most of the times.

One year ago I have started to put things into words - writing on my own blog and different communities to help people live a balanced life and feel good about the short time we are given on planet Earth. The course here on Udemy is just another way I want to share the things that work in overcoming anxiety and depression and live a happy life!

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