Tekla Kosa

Stress Management Consultant

As a Stress Management Consultant and Autogenic Therapist I am teaching stress /change management to individuals; offering personal effectiveness workshops - techniques to improve performance - to students and corporates. My mission is to help people feel less overwhelmed and be more effective in their every day life by handling stress, overcoming anxiety.

In the past 5 years I regularly secured, designed and tailored, delivered and evaluated personal development trainings for students and adults. I greatly enjoyed both preparing and presenting these workshops and they also helped me to gain better understanding about the challenges attendants experienced every day.

Previously Trustee of the British Autogenic Society, active member of its development team and an Events Assistant at national charity Volunteering England, I acquired hands-on experience in project and event management. I was one of the lead organisers for the UK Mindfulness in Education Conference in 2012 and continued facilitating the follow up events.