Taylor Anderson

Healing Foods Chef, Nutrition Coach, & Fitness Mentor.

For 22 years of Taylor's life she was afflicted with issues such as sensory processing, major anxiety and depression disorder, and severe digestion issues including food sensitivities and intolerances. 

At the age of 22, she became very ill and debilitated after losing her digestion for solid food - ending up at 80 pounds and diagnosed with autoimmune diseases.

She began the search for what was happening, what was the root of it, and what could she do about it. 

She found diet to be one of the most profound tools that helped her in her journey to healing and strives to share that knowledge with those with similar ailments. 

She currently runs an in-home chef business, cooking and teaching principals of thriving health and wellness. Aspires to teach many topics of child development and healing nutrition on a large scale through live and online trainings. 

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