Tatweer International

Content Developer

We provide a wide range of courses often tailored particularly to the needs of our clients and designed in a manner that ensures active learning through its diversified learning content. Tatweer brings the classroom to your convenience. Real live examples of situations that can happen to the employees in their workplace are portrayed in the online training courses. To ensure an interactive environment, we provide a continuous, story-like theme of questions and quizzes throughout our learning objects. We provide a wide range of solutions poised to serve every need. We can adapt the courses to your special needs. We perpetually innovate in the creation of our products to ensure we continue to come up with the most efficient e-learning solutions for distinct customers. Maintaining a high degree of quality and making the most out of the latest technology. Supporting corporate clientele to ensure that the expected boost in market performance as a result of their investment in their manpower via Tatweer is met. This takes place by aiding in the implementation of the practical and theoretical knowledge gained in our service offering. Ensuring individual clients sharpen their skills to enrich their professional life through the solutions Tatweer provides them with.

Courses that Tatweer International is enrolled in