Tatiana Kelsh

Professional Trainer and Nutritionist

Tatiana was born and raised in Russia near Siberia. She moved to Ireland 13 years ago and has been enjoying her life there ever since.

Tatiana's personal journey to healthy food started when she realised that it was time to lose two stone of excess weight accumulated over a couple of years by eating pizzas for dinner and chocolate biscuits for dessert. She started exercising more and stopped eating pizzas. It took her a year to lose excess weight but she managed to gain every single pound back in half of the time it took her to lose it once she started eating rubbish food again. She was disappointed with herself. She could not bear looking at herself in the mirror. The last thing she wanted was to start all over again. But there was no other choice if she wanted to be slim.

The second time Tatiana decided to make a more permanent change by learning about food and how her body was affected by different foods. She found out that she consumed too many calories because of eating foods with obvious and hidden added sugars. Once she reduced sugar in her diet she started losing weight again. She tracked other nutrients in her diet like fat, fibre and salt as well to improve her health. She adjusted her diet to stay healthy and slim permanently.

Tatiana worked as an accountant for years until she discovered her passion for health and wellness. She retrained and became a professional trainer specializing in health and wellbeing. Tatiana has been training people and speaking about health and wellness since 2010. Currently Tatiana, besides running online courses, teaches women about nutrition in one-to-one and group environments.

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