Tanya Haffern


Tanya is an IT consultant/entrepreneur who spends most of her free time scheming and dreaming about new business ventures.

Tanya has a degree in Industrial Psychology and is fascinated by what motivates people in the workplace. As a parent, she wonders about what the future holds for children now that we are in the Connection Age Revolution and this course is based on years of investigation and analysis. Her work experience over the last 20 years affords Tanya the opportunity to provide valuable insights into the workings of both big corporate businesses and small business ventures. Her husband, Quentin has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and together they have opened a number of businesses. They have a wealth of experience in this field and can offer some great examples and practical “how to’s” for parents to follow.

As a mother of two daughters, Tanya brings a sense of balance and depth to the content that shows both wisdom and empathy for busy parents.

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