Tamer Bader

Computer Engineer and Freelance Mobile/Web Developer


My Name is Tamer Bader and i am a Computer Engineering student at the University of Maryland. I am also a freelance web and mobile app developer and have created tons of websites and programs. I love learning new programming languages and love teaching others how to code. Coding has become so essential in my life to the point where it may even be running in my blood. Most days i wake up and take a cup of (Java) and (Swift)ly get into coding mode. OK yeah I know I'm still working on the comedy. I honestly believe coding will be an essential aspect of our community in the upcoming years, so knowing how to code is going to be a must. Other than coding i love to play Basketball, swimming, and playing Ultimate Frisbee! If I'm not creating websites or programs or learning another programming language then I'm most likely playing music. I've played saxophone for over 13 years and music has changed my life. Music has allowed me to create a medium through which I can express my feelings and has allowed me to portray to others my creativity, an aspect that coding has allowed me to do as well! Other than that I have a deep obsession with technology, in pretty sure you can already tell, and run a YouTube channel where I review all forms of the latest technology.

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