Amos Avidov

Chief Instructor at El Diwaan Arabic Online Program

Amer (Amos) is the head of the online course development team for Arabic learning, and an Arabic teacher known throughout Palestine, Israel and the world.

Under his guidance, thousands of students have learned to speak and read Arabic.
Throughout his years as a teacher and as a leading Arabic-study program developer, Amer understands the difficulties that a new student faces in learning the Arabic language.

Amer’s vast experience has led him to create a special online Arabic language learning program.
The only program that understands the difficulties a student faces, and provides the student with helpful tips that will help him acquire rich Arabic language skills.

The Arabic language has flowed through the veins of Amer’s family for generations, and he lives and breathes the language. Amer concentrated his passion for Arabic by founding an Arabic learning institute which collaborates with top universities, where thousands of students come to study Arabic each year.

El Diwaan students include private individuals, employees of various institutions and organizations, university students, diplomats and researchers.
To learn Arabic with Amer is to learn to love the Arabic culture as well as the Arabic language itself.

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