Svetlin Minev

Independent Trader

Hi! My name is Svetlin Minev and I am professional trader. I have more than 15 years of experience as trader, bank dealer and risk manager. My trading style is based on the analysis of the order flows. I had the luck to be a risk manager during the Financial crisis of 2007–08 and bank dealer during the European debt crisis. This gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the financial markets for very short time. I have traded a wide variety of financial instruments from FX spot, through Forwards and Swaps, simple options structures as Collar and Vertical Spreads to more complex structures as Target Redemption Forwards with Knock In barriers. Probably if I was not that lucky to see the financial markets from different points of view I could not be able to understand how they operate and to use the order flow analysis in my trading.

Binary options and CFD on stock indices are my favorite financial instruments. I have a masters degree in Statistics and Econometric which helps me a lot to understand and apply various types of options and strategies. My training courses and books are just a way to share my experience and knowledge with other traders. You can contact my via e-mail ( or skype (srmfx70) if you have any questions.

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