Suzanne Bare

Coach, Author, and Founder of RelateGreat Coaching Services

Suzanne Bare is an author, entrepreneur, instructor, speaker, and relationship expert having helped hundreds of students and clients overcome blocks to business and relationship success. She helps women entrepreneurs unleash their gifts and passions and express their full potential so they can develop an incredible business that makes a real difference in the world.

After observing so many couples struggle with anger and frustration in their relationships, Suzanne authored the book, Ending Anger: The Couples Guide (2013). This book breaks new ground by showing couples how to work together as a team to end anger for good. She followed it up with a workbook for couples. The Couples' Blueprint - Successful Negotiations (2016) shows couples how to go from arguing to agreement. Her later publication is an Argentine Tango Coloring book (2017).

She has a private coaching practice where she helps clients eliminate negative beliefs to improve their relationships, leading to success at work and in business. Suzanne studied co-active coaching at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA. She was trained in The Lefkoe Belief Method by Morty Lefkoe of the Lefkoe Institute.

Suzanne has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with a Holistic Health specialization and a license as a registered nurse. She is a sought-after instructor for classes in Couples Communication and Managing Your Anger. She also teaches classes on Stress Management, Managing Depression, Insomnia, and, in the past, teleclasses on Anxiety and Weight Management.

She has been recognized as an Outstanding Instructor helping members improve their relationships by Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

Suzanne has been invited to present talks at an annual conference and community events.

Originally from New York, Suzanne lives in the San Francisco bay area with her family and pomeranian, Aspen. She loves dancing and performing Argentine tango.

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