Sushil Banubakode

English 20/20

Sushil Banubakode enjoys teaching English grammar especially to students who learn English as Second Language (a.k.a. E S L).

Simple, easy and full of pictures and animation, his approach to teach English grammar is different and hopefully, fun and easy :) 

This course is designed and optimized for students who are learning English as second (or third or even fourth!) language (i.e. ESL students)! It is a fact that many ESL students find English grammar very difficult or impossible to master. However, English grammar, when taught using right techniques, is one of the easiest things to learn! Because it has predictable rules (well, for the most part :). Exceptions to the rules do exist but they are few. And this means, once we learn one rule, it is generally applicable at many places. This is why it can be learned very quickly! Just learn few rules! And remember those using pictures and animation. That's all.

So, to start off, thiscourse is designed to remove the fear about English grammarif there is any! It does so by building solid foundation of sentence formation (sentence structure) using pictures, examples, animation and short quizzes to ensure that the concepts learned are learned for life. Once foundation of grammar is built, the students should be able to write and speak grammatically correct English in a short period of time.

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