Surya Batchu

Founder and President, Stress Ebook LLC.

Hello, my name is Surya Batchu and I will be your instructor for this course.

General Background:

I have been in the aerospace stress analysis industry for almost a decade and a half now. In 2014, I decided it is time for me to share my knowledge with the world using online courses.

My main focus areas are:

  1. Stress analysis and certification of aircraft cabin and cargo structures
  2. Finite Element Analysis and Modeling

Aircraft structures certification is a complex process involving finite element analysis, loads development, component sizing with classical hand calculations, report writing etc. If you enjoy doing this kind of work, then your skills will be in high demand as there are not many in this world that can do it with the skill it needs.

My Experience:

If you would like to find out more about my experience then you can check out my Linkedin profile, look me up there using my name.

I have progressed in my career starting out as a junior stress engineer learning stress engineering methods, rummaging through various manuals and books, specification documents, working various FEM models, building test plans and reports, testing full scale monuments etc. and finally got to where I am today. I have accumulated enough experience now that I can provide contract services, which means you really have to know what you are doing.

Some companies I have worked at include Zodiac Aerospace, United Technologies Aerospace Systems, Volt Technical Services as a contractor etc. Now I have my own website and consulting services company.

If you would like to find more information on aerospace stress analysis courses, check out any of the links on my profile or my company website (you can do a google search for Stress Ebook LLC.). The blog on my company website has many free and informational posts also. While you are there, sign up and become a subscriber to never miss any updates.

Happy Learning,