MR. Suphawich Changfang

Commercial Photographer | Author |Instructor|1000+ Students|

Since long ago I have always been studying within the field of Visual Arts. Over the past eight years I have been developing my skills and accumulating knowledge constantly to strengthen my understandings of Photography. 

My interest in photography dates back to my years in middle school at The Demonstration School of Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand, when I started to learn about DSLR cameras (Digital single lens reflex).When I was 12 years old, I joined the school's photography club. After joining, I realized that Photography is indeed interesting. I was excited that I could understand everything my teacher had taught. When I was in 8grade, I also chose Photography as my elective class. The class was about Lighting, Composition, and different types of photography such as Silhouette, Portrait, Candid, Landscape and Sports. Since then I have always find ways to improve my skills.  

After middle school I went even deeper into the field of Photography and understood more about how colors, shapes and composition can affect the mood of an image. While studying at Yothinburana English Program, Bangkok, I also joined the school's photography club. One of the first tasks for every member was to take photos for the school whenever there was an event happening, or on special celebration and ceremony such as Mother's day , Father's day , Sports day, etc. After the end of the event, all members are required to submit their photos to the club. I enjoyed being a part of this process because it gave me an opportunity to have my work critiqued by other photographers and friends. This is one of the best ways to receive comments about my photos.

One year later, I started to go beyond Digital Photography. I went into the area of Film Photography, and bought myself a film camera. I started to take photos with the NikonFm2, finally I finished my first roll of film, and got it developed. It was astounding for me when I noticed that the entire film roll was perfectly exposed. I did researches about different types of film cameras such as TLR camera (Twins lens reflex), range finder camera and SLR camera (Single lens reflex), medium format cameras and large format cameras. Then I gained further understanding about the differences between positive film (Slide film) and negative film. Moreover, I have been instructed through the process of film developing, photo enlarging, and many techniques inside the dark room such as how to dodge and burn, how to make a contact sheet and duplicating a film. 

I have experienced many types of photography such as portrait, landscape, sports, studio, animal and especially children photography which I love the most. That is because it takes higher risk and gives higher reward and challenge. Seeing pure emotion of the children is awesome, but it is also difficult to control at the same time. There’s no doubt that I would love to study more about Photography and Cinematography.  

My intentions are using my set of skills to convey ideas and encourage mankind with my full potential to achieve my goal which is making the world a better place for everyone. I would like to thank you for your time reading this story of mine, and I hope that you also have the same goal just as I do.



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