Rahul Jindal

Developer. Designer. Entrepreneur.

Hi! I’m Rahul - a 14 year old web developer, designer and entrepreneur.

I have experience in using Weebly, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Python and Canva.

I’ve been learning to code every since I was 12 and the experience has led me to believe that everyone is capable of building truly awesome websites. I hope that my youthful age serves as a good example for this.

I also have a passion for becoming an entrepreneur - I have many potentially awesome ideas, and the web development knowledge I have picked up has allowed me to begin developing some of these.

If you’re looking to learn from a unique perspective, sign up to my course - kids can teach so much but rarely you see this on Udemy. I’m passionate about passing on my knowledge and I genuinely believe that you’ll find my courses useful, but if you don’t, I’ll happily refund the money.

If you enjoy an easy but professional way of doing complex stuff sign up to any of my courses and learn from a kid today!

*** Visit rahulj .com for discounts on my courses ***

Rahul Jindal. Developer. Designer. Entrepreneur.

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