Computer Forensic Professionals

On July 1, 2010 Sumuri LLC opened for business to provide forensic training, services and software relating to the preservation, examination and reporting of digital evidence.

SUMURI was founded by Steve Whalen, CFCE who has a wide range of experience and expertise relating to digital evidence. Whalen was co-founder of Forward Discovery, Inc., founder of Phoenix Data Group LLC, a 15 year veteran of the Delaware State Police, the developer of the popular Macintosh Forensic Survivor Courses, the original Cellebrite Forensic Training and Certification Course and several other courses which are taught worldwide. Whalen has also consulted with numerous forensic companies and has contributed to the development of their forensic software. Whalen is also responsible for the design and development of popular forensic software such as Raptor, PALADIN and RECON for Mac OS X which are used by thousands of agencies worldwide.

The name "SUMURI" is an old Tagalog word which can be interpreted as "to investigate" or "analyze".

The heart of SUMURI consists of simple core values that we believe should exist in any company such as ours. Core values such as honor, integrity, loyalty, positive attitude, dedication and most important and above all - altruism.

Altruism - the desire to help, serve and care for others first before yourself.

Many companies may start out with values such as these but they are quickly forgotten. Too many times we have seen companies grow larger and forget about the customer who they are to serve.

SUMURI realizes that the customer is most important about what we do as a company. The customer is the reason that our company exists and SUMURI's unparalleled commitment is to make sure our customers are provided with the best training, products and services that we can bestow. At SUMURI, our customers are never a number or just a name in a database - you are part of our family.

SUMURI's team consists of members who exude our core values and are among the top experts in the fields of digital evidence, computer forensics and investigations. SUMURI instructors have taught worldwide to military, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as civilian corporate investigators. Each is an accomplished and experienced instructor, examiner and practitioner, having conducted hundreds of examinations for both law enforcement and civil institutions alike.