Sumit Chhikara

I am Internet Marketer

I'm Sumit Chhikara. I am 26 years old and live in Delhi, India. I started my carrier back in 2007 side by side with my graduation. Now I make full-time living online by different sources.

I have experience in blogging, internet marketing and Forex trading.

I do not have much to tell about my background as until 2007, I was a regular school student like most of the Indians. I completed my senior secondary education in 2007 and got admission in

I have achieved a lot just from internet. Now everything has changed. Today I am running my online business. But during these six years, I have spent 12 hours a day on average in front of computer. I have gathered deep knowledge of website designing, SEO, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and much more just by putting a lot of effort and spending many nights in front of computer.

Right now I am running a blog

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