Sue Kennedy

Author, Trainer, and Consultant

Sue Kennedy is an Author, Trainer, and Consultant. Her business Sydney Web Consultants understands the importance of your online presence. Sue and has written five books and has training courses to help you succeed with your online business presence. Sue has facilitated workshops around social media and your online business presence.

Our Expertise

  • Complete Market & Website Analysis - holistic & comprehensive
  • Expertise – developed over 800 websites in every niche
  • 20+ years combined “real world” business experience

  • Our Approach

  • We help business owners gain more customers and sales. Plain and simple.
  • The ways we do that are unique to each client. Even two clients in the same industry but different markets will be handled differently.
  • Competitive analysis, market analysis, niche analysis, and analysis of each client's assets and collateral
  • We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation and Web Marketing (Video, Articles, Press Releases, etc.)
  • We offer clear benefits for your bottom line
  • We can make your site Search Engine Friendly, Mobile Ready and Super-Easy to Update
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