Sue Breton

Former Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist and author.

I have worked in the field of adult mental health for over 40 years. I have applied my own anxiety experiences to the development of my own approach for overcoming this.

I have published four books on anxiety-related topics - panic attacks, worry, ocd, and using mindfulness to overcome anxiety-related issues. I also published a book on depression which is now out of print.

I have worked both in the NHS and in private practice. I recently retired from the NHS where most recently I created psycho-educational courses for clients on the use of a Mindfulness-vbased approach to overcoming psychological problems and living life more fully.

I am currently Chairman of a new charity-based project which will be promoting a similar programme to local communities.

My own interests now include various crafts, bell ringing and my horses. I have also sailed a great deal both cruising and offshore racing. In general life's too short to fit it all in.

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